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Better Days™ Promise Oversight and Management

Ensuring progress against our promise

Kellanova’s Board of Directors, including the Social Responsibility and Public Policy Committee oversees Kellanova Better Day™ Promise social and environmental purpose strategy. Our Senior Vice President, Chief Global Corporate Affairs Officer; Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain; Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer; Senior Vice President, Global Growth Officer; and other executives who report to the Chairman and CEO are responsible for successfully implementing the strategy and regularly updating the CEO and Board Committee. Our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) reports to the Senior Vice President, Chief Global Corporate Affairs Officer. Additionally, numerous leaders are accountable for achieving specific social and environmental commitments, based on their roles. Many of our senior leaders have annual performance goals tied to the company’s Better Days™ Promise metrics.

In addition, Kellanova has a Global Better Days™ Promise Council and Regional Better Days™ Promise Councils. The Councils ensure execution on priority strategies to maximize social and environmental performance and share best practices to ensure we are progressing against our commitments.