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Food Safety

Providing safe, high-quality foods

When it comes to food, nothing is more important to Kellanova than quality and food safety. Our Kellanova 7 CORE program directs our global, comprehensive approach to uniform quality and food-safety standards for our company-owned facilities. Our Risk Based Manufacturing Standard for both co-manufacturing and suppliers is based on the 7 CORE program. In addition, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certifies all our food production facilities, as well as ingredient suppliers and co-manufacturers, and we continue to invest to continuously improve our food safety systems and processes.

As part of our values, our commitment is that every employee at Kellanova owns food safety. This commitment includes a companywide quality- and food-safety training initiative that is mandatory for every employee and all new hires, while employees in our food production facilities also undergo quality and food safety training annually. We know that people expect our foods to deliver consistently high-quality experiences and these processes ensure that our high food-safety standards are met.

Our comprehensive, global quality- and food-safety standards are clearly articulated in our Kellanova Quality Management System and manufacturing standards for external partners.

Kellogg Company began unannounced audits of Kellogg-owned facilities in 2016 and contract manufacturers globally in 2019 and made this our standard practice in 2019. Kellanova will continue this practice, as well as conduct regular audits of ingredient suppliers.