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Employee Safety

Keeping our employees safe

The mission of Employee Health and Safety (EHS) at Kellanova is to nurture a culture that believes zero injuries are possible, while minimizing our impact on the planet and communities where we live, work and source.

We have a comprehensive occupational health and safety management system that ensures compliance with 66 global standards we deem essential in the workplace. These standards are applicable to all workers, workplaces and activities. We also have a global employee health and safety statement signed by our CEO.

Creating a strong safety culture for every individual at Kellanova is one of our values. All plant leadership team members actively coach teams in EHS principles. Everyone is engaged and accountable to eliminate losses; employees establish and execute standard work to restore and maintain conditions; and we do our best to mitigate unsafe behavior, conditions or actions that harm people.

We learn, listen and remain curious to further strengthen our EHS Center of Excellence. We also strive to achieve 100% employee engagement in safety initiatives by building team members’ capabilities. We leverage a skills matrix to capture the necessary skills and level of competency required for roles and meet or exceed all regulatory training requirements.

We will report annually on our Total Reportable Incident Rate (TRIR) and Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) beginning in 2025 with 2024 data.