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Responsible Marketing

Responsibly marketing our foods

Kellanova responsibly markets and communicates the intrinsic quality of our foods so consumers can make informed choices. Kellogg Company was one of the first companies to put nutrition information on its cereal packages in the 1930s. This belief that more information about our foods is good for people’s overall wellbeing continues today.

Per our global Kellanova Worldwide Marketing and Communications Guidelines (KWWMCG), we do not market to children under 6, and we only market products that meet strict nutrition criteria to children ages 6-12.

In addition to our KWWMCG, Kellanova supports industry self-regulatory programs at global, regional and national levels. We are a signatory to, and publicly report our compliance with, 15 responsible marketing pledges including:

  • International Food and Beverage Alliance (IFBA) and Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) global pledges;
  • European Union (EU) and Gulf Cooperation Council regional pledges;
  • National pledges in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand and the United States.

We annually monitor and report compliance with our KWWMCG as part of our participation in these programs, which is verified by independent, third-party auditors. We review these results and work with our marketing and media teams to address any incidences of noncompliance and implement the appropriate corrective action to prevent future issues.

In 2023, we were compliant with our U.S. and Canada marketing to children pledges as required by the local self-regulatory programs, and the Code for Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising in Canada. In Brazil, we were also in full compliance with the local self-regulatory program per an independent audit conducted by KPMG on TV, digital and cinema. In the EU, we achieved 98.15 percent compliance for TV based on a review conducted by Ebiquity in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania and Spain. A separate independent audit of websites, influencers and social media conducted by European Advertising Standards Authority (EASA) in Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France and Spain yielded 90 percent compliance1. The EU Pledge also has an accountability mechanism available here through which anyone may question the compliance of a marketing communications with the commitment. In 2022, in other globally representative markets of Colombia, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa, we achieved 100 percent compliance with our TV advertising.

Kellanova also applies to its marketing activities the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice, the ICC Framework for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing Communications, and Kellanova Advertising Brand Safety Guidelines.

Responsibly marketing our foods is a cornerstone practice of Kellanova.

1 100 percent for brand-sponsored influencers, 100 percent for brand websites and 80 percent for branded social-media sites. 100 percent of the audited social-media posts were assessed as not primarily appealing to children below 13 years. Following a change in methodology in 2022, breaches for posts not targeted to children are also included.