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Child Feeding Programs

Strengthening meal programs for children

For children, hunger is especially devastating. According to The Global FoodBanking Network, “[m]oderate to severe food insecurity can cause debilitating or sometimes irreversible damage to the child’s physical and cognitive development.”

Kellanova is dedicated to feeding people facing food insecurity and supporting meal programs are one of the ways we do so. For example, we are passionate about supporting breakfast clubs. In many places in the world, these before-school programs provide students with a healthy breakfast, time to play with friends and, often, extra academic support so they arrive at school ready to learn.

As part of Kellogg Company, prior to becoming Kellanova, Kellogg Company Fund sponsored a review of research in 2022 showing that school breakfast programs also:

  • Support children’s social development, such as a sense of belonging, security and identity
  • Help improve students’ classroom behavior.
  • Help get children excited about going to school.

In the U.S., where meals are often provided through subsidized programs at school, Kellanova works closely with a variety of partners to increase students’ access to these programs.

Fighting summer hunger 

Summertime can put added strain on low-income families whose children receive free and reduced-price lunch during the school year. For example, nearly all (six out of seven) U.S. children who eat a free or reduced-price lunch at school don’t have access to the same nutritious meals during the summer and even fewer have access to breakfast1.  

That’s why Kellanova, our brands and retail partners work with our charity partners to ensure that children have access to consistent meals over the long school break by supporting summer meal programs. We also partner with United Way to help fund programs that offer free summer breakfast and lunches for children across the U.S.