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Encouraging volunteerism

Giving back to others is an important Kellanova priority. We’re proud to be part of communities around the world and even more proud of all our employees do to help the people in these communities thrive.

To help employees get involved, some of our regions give them time away from work each year to volunteer. It’s also not unusual for Kellanova teams to volunteer together. Our senior leaders demonstrate our company’s commitment to volunteering by doing so regularly. Through our Volunteer with Me program, leaders encourage employees to spend time volunteering with them in our communities. Doing so gives people the opportunity to work side-by-side with senior executives they might not otherwise have an opportunity to know, while together making a difference in our neighbors’ lives.

Our internal Better Days campaign powered by United Way is an annual donation and volunteer drive geared toward Kellanova employees in the U.S. These donations fund local programming that benefits food banks, school breakfast programs and other community support.

Members of our Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) also support our communities through volunteerism. Together they prepare food packs for children and their families, volunteer at community events, work at school meal programs and other activities that create better days for others.