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Reflecting a diverse marketplace

We strive to meet the demands of diverse consumers to achieve our business goals and objectives. Inclusive business practices are about being culturally relevant and meeting consumers and customers where they are, wherever that might be. Being inclusive is about marketing and so much more: it’s about ensuring we have accessible, appropriate foods in our portfolio and creating the right go-to-market strategies to get our foods in the hands of all who want and need them.

We make that a reality in a variety of ways:

Integrating equity, diversity and inclusion at every step of the process
In the North America region, Kellanova’s best-in-class marketing organization includes a Cultural & Inclusive Marketing discipline, which works to infuse equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) throughout the food marketing process, from development to advertising. For example, our Kellanova Integrated Connections Process—the approach we use to develop meaningful and memorable brand experiences— ensures that multicultural resources (including our Business Employee Resource Groups), insights and considerations are infused throughout to foster creative ideas that resonate with our diverse consumers and allow them to feel authentically “seen.”

Communicating authentically with our consumers
At Kellanova, we understand that having the right message reach the right consumer at the right time creates an opportunity for consumers to have the most meaningful engagement with our brands and drive impact.

Reflecting the communities we serve in the foods we make
We work hard to develop foods that our consumers connect with emotionally, which is why we look to regional cuisines and cultural celebrations for inspiration.

Ensuring our foods are accessible to as many people as possible
Creating a place at the table for more of our consumers—such as people who are blind or have low vision - is important. For example, we incorporate innovative NaviLens technology into food packaging across our cereal range in Europe. With the NaviLens code and app, users can now easily find products and hear their name, nutrition, and allergen information.

Staying accountable
Kellanova extends our ED&I commitments to all our agency partners by requiring quarterly updates against key ED&I key performance indicators (KPIs), including talent, creative, media, production, and supplier partnerships and spend. We attribute our agencies’ considerable progress towards our ED&I commitments to active participation in our cultural intelligence and unconscious bias trainings. We also include quantitative terms to accelerate the use of diverse suppliers for media and content production for all our agency partners. This helps ensure we go beyond representation in front of the camera, and behind as well.