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Disaster Relief

Responding when disaster strikes

When disasters occur, Kellanova works with nonprofit partners to provide important nourishment at times when people need it most. We are often among the first to step up to support humanitarian relief efforts around the world, feeding those impacted by refugee crises and natural disasters.

In the U.S., Kellogg Company, formed a long-standing partnership with Feeding America to support families affected by disasters with donations of food. For example, in 2022 and 2023, Kellogg Company, donated:

  • 920,000 servings of snacks to victims of Hurricane Idalia in Florida
  • 425,000 servings of snacks to those affected by the wildfires in Washington state
  • 937,000 servings of snacks to those affected by the wildfires in Hawaii
  • 1.2 million servings of food to areas in California affected by torrential rain and extreme flooding
  • 1.4 million servings of food and snacks to multiple states in the U.S. affected by tornado outbreaks
  • 665,000 servings of cereal and snacks to areas in the U.S. affected by Hurricane Ian and Fiona
  • 450,000 servings of food to Feeding America to support flood relief efforts in Kentucky and Missouri