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Stakeholder Engagement

Strengthening our impact

Across our value chain, Kellanova engages with a wide variety of stakeholders to inform our Better Days™ Promise social and environmental purpose strategy and advance our company’s commitments. Multiple examples of these engagements are included below.

Stakeholders How We Engage


  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Training and education programs
  • Performance reviews and other career-related discussions
  • Volunteer experiences
  • Company-wide intranet and other communication channels
  • Company-wide team halls and other region, function and team meetings
  • Global Code of Ethics
  • Business employee resource groups


  • Quarterly conference calls
  • Regular financial reports
  • Annual Shareowners Meeting
  • Annual Report
  • Investor Relations website
  • Investor group meetings
  • Individual meetings

Supplier Partners

  • Regular meetings
  • Supplier conferences
  • Supplier surveys
  • Joint business planning
  • Sedex participation
  • NGO partnerships
  • Supplier diversity initiatives
  • Global Supplier Code of Conduct


  • Regular meetings
  • Joint business planning
  • Customer surveys
  • Partnership in programs and industry groups
  • Engagement at conferences


  • Corporate, regional and brand websites
  • Information on packaging
  • Consumer Affairs Centers in all regions
  • Social media



  • Membership in collaborative initiatives
  • Partnerships that help address food security
  • Conference attendance
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Subject matter consultation

Government Leaders

  • Regular meetings and e-mail outreach
  • Plant tours
  • Conference attendance
  • Participation in policy and regulatory process discussions

Local Communities

  • Membership in community-based organizations
  • Disaster relief efforts
  • Partnership in community programs
  • Support of community non-profits
  • Breakfast club support
  • Sponsorship of local events
  • Annual U.S. United Way campaign